27/11/2017: End of year update/Band streamlines to 5 piece.

After our brief dalliance with a Saxophone and harp player, we have decided to continue as a 5 piece.  

In other news:  Please welcome to the band Al Fransham who has joined the band on Bass guitar.

We’re taking a brief public hiatus until January to move into our new studio and finish our debut album. Lots to come in 2018 but for now, we must bury our heads in our work. We will return, but for now have a merry Christmas, and a Happy new year, and for the love of god…STAY UGLY! x


03/11/17: A Halloween special- the movie has arrived!

An hour and ten minutes set from our first show as a 6 piece band, edited with visuals, performance footage, and 2 of our promo vids- alongside some carefully selected covers we performed at the show.  Enjoy!

02/11/17:  Band officially grows to a 6 piece.


Welcome to the band  Mr Charles Rickards on Guitar and Mr Daniel Treger on Tenor sax and harp- who made there live debut with the band at their Halloween special to rave applause.

We are all very excited for the future and what these tremendous players are bringing to the table. You can hear a bit for yourself on the soon to be released Halloween Special movie. 

02/11/17: Halloween special-The Movie!

 Following on the heels of our Halloween special, we’re releasing the audio from the show- as a movie!………of sorts. 

The only footage we could obtain of the band performing was only 8 minutes long, filmed on a mobile phone.

Alas- we pride ourselves at Son of ugly HQ  on our resourcefulness.

At the show, we had a projector playing the silent 1922 mockumentary film-Haxen-witchcraft through the ages’. , which will go on to form the main bulk of the movie. 

We also inserted a couple of promo videos we made for ‘Frogman’  and ‘going over the pieces’ –all cut to the audio from the live set in the order, it was performed.

Not quite as good as being there of course, and boy was it a fun show, and we’re

confident it goes some way to obtaining the S.O.U. experience.

Stay tuned. 

23/09/17: Son of Ugly to play Halloween show:                              We are pleased to announce that we are playing a Special extended set this       Halloween @ The Brunswick Hove UK on Tues 31st Oct. As well as a full set of originals the band will be performing some spooky covers, and other tricks and treats. It is also our first show with our new member, so be sure to come see. Tickets can be purchased from the gig calendar page.                                       

20/08/17: We have found our missing member!: 

Stay tuned for an official announcement but we’re working with a gentleman as we speak, who will add a whole new dynamic level to the band. The man in question plays several instruments, so many new avenues to explore.

04/07/17: And then there were 4:                                                                    

It is our duty to inform you that Son of ugly guitarist Paul Wilkes has left the band. We are currently on the lookout for a replacement. We wish Paul the best of luck for the future and are looking forward to the next stage in our development.    

16/06/17: Son of Ugly live @ The Prince Albert (Brighton): 

The gods were almost against us at this show. Last minute booking, next to zero promotional time, an unintentional headline slot on the bill- we went into this one foot first. Both support acts were straight as an arrow rock- Think AC/DC and a comedy Glam (glum)band and you’re pretty much there. Said glam band overran so we had to dramatically cut our set short. Alas, we took the roof off, with a new found power, fuelled mainly by anger and frustration. Just a shame there was only about 20/30 people there, and neither support act supported the headliner, hence why we don’t mind talking shit about how generic they were. Top sound engineer though who gave us a really beefy mix. When God gives you lemons……..